Adler-Olsen, Jussi Purity of Vengeance
Allen, Sarah Addison Lost Lake
Allende, Isabel Ripper
Andrews, V. C. The Unwelcomed Child
Baker, Tiffany Mercy Snow
Beah, Ishmael Radiance of Tomorrow
Bradley, Alan The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches
Brown, Pierce Red Rising
Chapman, Drew The Ascendant
Chase, Ella The Queen’s Dwarf
Childs, Laura Eggs in a Casket
Christer, Sam The Rome Prophecy
Clark, Mary Jane That Old Black Magic
Conrad, Hy Mr. Monk Gets on Board
Cornwell, Sarah What I Had Before I Had You
Dams, Jeanne M. Murder at The Castle
de Waal, Elisabeth The Exiles Return
Doctorow, E. L. Andrew’s Brain
Dorsey, Tim Tiger Shrimp Tango
Doughty, Louise Apple Tree Yard
Doyle, Roddy The Guts
Feehan, Christine Dark Wolf
Finch, Charles The Last Enchantments
Fu, Kim For Today I Am a Boy
Greenway, Alice The Bird Skinner
Grimes, Martha The Way of All Fish
Haldeman, Joe Work Done for Hire
Hall, Parnell NYPD Puzzle
Hannah, Sophie The Orphan Choir
Harris, Robert An Officer and a Spy
Heivoll, Gaute Before I Burn
Holmberg, John-Henri (ed) A Darker Shade of Sweden
Horan, Nancy Under the Wide and Starry Sky
Hummel, Maria Motherland
Johnson, Deborah The Secret of Magic
Jungersen, Christian You Disappear
Katzenbach, John Red 1-2-3
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Dark Bites: A Short Story Collection
Knott, Robert Robert B. Parker’s Bull River
Kramer, Julie Delivering Death
Krentz, Jayne Ann River Road
Lackey, Mercedes Revolution
Lee, Chang-Rae On Such a Full Sea
Levine, James Bingo’s Run
Levine, Laura Killing Cupid
Margolin, Phillip Worthy Brown’s Daughter
Margulies, Phillip Belle Cora
Martin, Valerie The Ghost of the Mary Celeste
McCafferty, Keith Dead Man’s Fancy
Michaels, Fern Forget Me Not
Miller, Mary The Last Days of California
Modesitt, L. E. Rex Regis
Myers, Alex Revolutionary
Ness, Patrick The Crane Wife
Neuhaus, Nele Bad Wolf
Oates, Joyce Carthage
Pastan, Rachel Alena
Patterson, James First Love
Payton, Brian The Wind is Not a River
Powers, Richard Orfeo
Quindlen, Anna Still Life With Bread Crumbs
Rankin, Ian Saints of the Shadow Bible
Robertson, Michael Moriarty Returns a Letter
Samson, C. J. Dominion
Scott, James The Kept
Sigler, Scott Pandemic
Smith, April A Star for Mrs. Blake
Snyder, Rachel What We’ve Lost is Nothing
Staincliffe, Cath Dead to Me
Staveley, Brian The Emperor’s Blades
Sternbergh, Adam Shovel Ready
Taylor, Brad The Polaris Protocol
Unger, Lisa In the Blood
Urquhart, Rachel The Visionist
Vaughn, Carrie Dreams of the Golden Age
Whitehouse, Lucie Before We Met
Wiehl, Lis Snapshot
Wolf, Dick The Execution
Zyzak, Magdalena The Ballad of Barnabas Pierkiel

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