Atkins, Ace Robert B. Parker’s Cheap Shot
Barry, Sebastian The Temporary Gentleman
Berry, Steve The Lincoln Myth
Beverly-Whittemore, Miranda Bittersweet
Bird, Sarah Above the East China Sea
Block, Lawrence Borderline
Britain, Kristen Mirror Sight
Brown, Dale Starfire
Butcher, Jim Skin Game
Cannell, Dorothy Murder at Mullings: A 1930s Country House Murder Mystery
Cargill, C. Robert Queen of the Dark Things
Clarke, Richard Sting of the Drone
Coughlin, Jack On Scope
Cunningham, Michael The Snow Queen
Cussler, Clive Ghost Ship
Deaver, Jeffery The Skin Collector
Dennison, Hannah Murder at Honeychurch Hall
Dietrich, William The Three Emperors
Dobbs, Lou Border War
Doerr, Anthony All the Light We Cannot See
Drake, David The Sea Without a Shore
Duffy, Erin On the Rocks
Estleman, Loren Ragtime Cowboys
Evans, Richard Paul Walking on Water
Feldman, Ellen The Unwitting
Ferris, Joshua To Rise Again at a Decent Hour
Finder, Joseph Suspicion
Fury, Dalton Full Assault Mode
Gear, Kathleen People of the Morning Star
Giffin, Emily The One and Only
Golden, Christie World of Warcraft: War Crimes
Guinn, Jeff Glorious: A Novel of the American West
Gwyn, Aaron Wynne’s War
Haines, Carolyn Booty Bones
Harris, Charlaine Midnight Crossroad
Hart, Carolyn Death at the Door
Hashimi, Nadia The Pearl that Broke Its Shell
Hayes, Terry I Am Pilgrim
Heller, Peter The Painter
Henshaw, Mark Cold Shot
Hunter, Stephen Sniper’s Honor
Johnson, Craig Any Other Name
Johnston, Bret Anthony Remember Me Like This
Jonasson, Jonas The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden
Jones, Darynda Sixth Grave on the Edge
Juska, Elise The Blessing
Kendal, Claire The Book of You
Kerr, Philip Prayer
Lackberg, Camilla The Hidden Child
Lescroart, John The Keeper
Lindskold, Jane Artemis Awakening
Malerman, Josh Bird Box
Maxwell, Edith ‘Til Dirt Do Us Part
Mayle, Peter The Corsican Caper
McGarrity, Michael Backlands
Mead, Richelle The Immortal Crown
Modesitt, L. E. Cyador’s Heirs
Montefiore, Simon One Night in Winter
Moon, Elizabeth Crown of Renewal
Moose, Ruth Doing It at the Dixie Dew
Mosley, Walter Debbie Doesn’t Do It Anymore
Nesbo, Jo The Son
Norman, Howard Next Life Might Be Kinder
Page, Katherine Small Plates: Short Fiction
Palmer, Michael Resistant
Patterson, James Unlucky 13
Paull, Laline The Bees
Preston, Douglas The Kraken Project
Prose, Francine Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932
Quirk, Matthew The Directive
Reichl, Ruth Delicious
Roby, Kimberla Lawson The Prodigal Son
Rollins, James The Kill Switch
Salvalaggio, Karin Bone Dust White
Sandford, John Field of Prey
Shaara, Jeff The Smoke at Dawn
Simpson, Mona Casebook
Straub, Emma The Vacationers
Thompson, Victoria Murder in Murray Hill
Walton, Jo My Real Children
Williams, Beatriz The Secret Life of Violet Grant
Wroe, Simon Chop Chop
Zentner, Alexi The Lobster Kings

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